Galindo Elementary School

Green Global

What does it mean to be a Green Global Campus?Green Global Logo




Through outdoor learning experiences our students will connect directly to the world around them, embrace nature, and be stewards of the environment. 


  • Students will participate in monthly outdoor learning experiences connected to science, language arts, writing, math, social studies, and social emotional learning. They will interact with our many outdoor learning features including our Galindo Goats, bee apiary, thristy bee pond,  gardens, and beautiful shade trees. 
  • Using the Eco-rise curriculum our students will have opportunities to design a sustainable future for all by tackling real world challenges in our school and our community. Students will engage in learning about sustainability, design innovation, and social entrerpreuership.  
  • As receipients of the 2019-2020 Monarch Heroes Grant, students will be engaged and empowered to build awarness and reverse monarch decline in Texas. Through this, Galindo Elementary students and community will create critical milkwee habitat and participate in citizen science data collection related to the welfare of the monarch population.





Through our social emotional learning, students will share their diverse backgrounds that make our school an inclusive environment where our varied cultures and traditions are celebrated.

  • Students will participate in monthly events focused on the various cultures at Galindo including:
  • Student will be encouraged to participate in our dual language program for English Langauge Learners, or in a nutral immersion experience for anyone who wished to learn Spanish. 

We believe this will prepare our children to participate in a world that is increasingly more connected and environmentally sensitive world they will be taking over.