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On this page you will find: Our Goat Habitat, Monarch Heroes Garden, Our Honeybees, Eco-Rise Audits and Grants, and our Green Actions! Keep scrolling to see.  

Through outdoor learning experiences our students will connect directly to the world around them, embrace nature, and be stewards of the environment. Through our social emotional learning, students will share their diverse backgrounds that make our school an inclusive environment where our varied cultures and traditions are celebrated. We believe this will prepare our children to embrace and take over a world that is increasingly more connected and environmentally sensitive. 

Our Goat Habitat!

¡Nuestro hábitat de los chivos!

Meet our pet goats, Penelope, Marvin, and Dawn! Dawn is a white LaMancha goat. She is a milk goat with short ears. Penelope and Marvin are twins. Penelope is black and white and Marvin has brown & white fur.

Here is Penelope below! How do you think she was feeling when this photo was taken?


Marvin & Penelope were born on Friday, March 13th, 2020 and it wasn't easy! But the twins made it out healthy and happy! Their favorite thing to do is try to crawl through the windows and join a class! Galindo's goats are mostly cared for by their human owner, Sarah, and often times by our Galindo 4-H club. Right now it is Sarah and her family who are caring for them daily.



Below are Penelope and her mom, Dawn. What are they up to?

 After about a month of being with mom and drinking milk, Marvin and Penelope were both eating solid food of grain and alfalfa. Marvin has now been sold to a farm up near Waco. He's going to be a companion to their breeding buck and maybe even a breeder himself. He's got a great life ahead of him!


Monarch Heroes Garden 

Galindo Elementary was accepted as part of the National Wildlife Federation Monarch Heroes program starting in the fall of 2019. It is a two year grant that provides curriculum, professional development and funding to build and sustain a garden as habitat specifically for monarch butterflies and engage students in learning about and protecting this amazing migratory species.

In the fall of 2019, our whole school participated in a symbolic monarch migration, sending paper butterflies made by each class off on a “migration” to Mexico. Our paper butterflies were received by a school near the butterfly sanctuary “El Rosario”. See where our butterflies went on this blog!

In the fall, every class had lessons on Monarch butterflies and their migration through Texas to Mexico for the winter. And on October 19, 2019 a group of parents, teachers, students and community members built the 6 garden beds of our Monarch Heroes garden. Don't miss the rest of our photos; check out our Monarch Heroes Garden photo album!

In the coming year, we will continue to maintain the monarch garden for both wildlife and outdoor education, have school-wide events and lessons around monarch migration and conservation, participate in citizen science observations and recording monarch visits if possible and moving forward with our commitment to NWF’s Eco-School framework and work towards the Silver Award.

Check out the video made for the National Wildlife Federation Monarch Heroes program for the end of the first year of participation by Galindo Elementary.

Our Honeybees

In the spring of 2019, our community raised the funds to build an apiary for 2 hives of honeybees.Thanks to donations and hard work by the Hernandez Family and volunteers, we celebrated the opening of the apiary on Earth Day 2019.

Our librarian Ms. Collier brought some honeybees inside in an observation hive for all of our students to see and all of our students have learned about these amazing organisms! We have had a couple of groups of student beekeepers so far and harvested honey last fall, but have not had a chance to share that honey yet with everyone. 

We have two photo albums here and here of our bees. Flip through them to see photos like the ones below!